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AnimeJapan 2019

AnimeJapan 2019
March 23-26, 2019
Tokyo Big Sight
Tokyo, Japan

Anime Convention

Not as special as the 5th anniversary, and still a year before the Olympics.

The task of coming up with a theme for this year seemed difficult, but one thing we were certain of was that this edition will most likely be bigger than ever. This is undoubtedly all thanks to our valued attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude.

It is thanks to all of all the challenges, experiences, and opinions of everyone involved, that we were able to build AnimeJapan into what it is today.

That, however, is exactly why we cannot simply follow in our own footsteps. We would rather break the mold!!
When such feelings in mind, we return back to the theme we spoke of.

"This is the 6th (6=roku in Japanese) time!", we thought.

That's what inspired AnimeJapan 2019's theme: "ROCK".

Now then, this will be the final AnimeJapan of the Heisei era!
Let us all get excited!!

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