Kamecon 2019 Information

Kamecon 2019

Kamecon 2019
May 19, 2019 Cancelled
University of Maryland, Adele H. Stamp Student Union
College Park, MD

Anime Convention with Video Gaming programming

Kamecon is taking a gap year to ensure our event is properly planned and executed for continued success. However, all is not lost! We will still be hosting an event this year! On behalf of the Terrapin Anime Society's Executive board, we would like to introduce: Kamekafe!
Kamekafe is Kamecon's Maid and Butler Cafe, with additional student performances by other Student Organizations! These include performances by G-Girls and Wasabi Boyz, among others!

Previous/Future Events

Kamecon 2020  —  May 10, 2020
Kamecon 2019  —  May 19, 2019
Kamecon 2018  —  April 15, 2018
Kamecon 2017  —  April 2, 2017

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