Mikkakan 2002 Information

Mikkakan 2002

Mikkakan 2002
July 26-28, 2002 Postponed
Radisson Hotel & Conference Center
Merrimack, NH

Anime Convention

All we're waiting for is a contract that is acceptable, has all the rooms we need for the price we can afford. I can share this much... We're most likely going back to the Radisson and if that's the case we're going to be there July 26-28. Wait till we officially annouce before booking a hotel room... We still don't have the special convention rate arranged. You could call and mention that you're excited about Mikkakan and hope we're going to be at the Radisson again. ;-P

Uh oh...
I've just learned that Otakon has changed it's dates on us. There's no way we can compete with such a massive con... not to mention the fact that some of my staff want to attend Otakon 2002. Looks like we'll have to look for another date.

News Flash 11/1/01...
We're now looking into pushing the date for Mikkakan 2002 until late August. August 23-25 to be specific.

Previous/Future Events

Mikkakan 2002  —  August 23-25, 2002
Mikkakan 2002  —  July 26-28, 2002
Mikkakan 2001  —  June 15-17, 2001

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