Japan Fest Retford 2022 Information

Japan Fest Retford 2022

Japan Fest Retford 2022
August 21, 2022
Retford Town Hall
Retford, UK

Anime Convention

Organized by Otaku World

For the first time in Retford, Nottinghamshire, we will be holding an event in celebration of Japanese culture. Japan Fest is meticulously crafted by passionate and motivated individuals to bring just a small taste of Japan to the UK. Activities for this anime/cultural event include Japanese crafts, art, handmade Japanese food and drink, performances, workshops, Manga Workshops, Anime DJing, Anime cover artists, Japanese Language workshops, yugioh/pokemon tournaments, Japanese marital arts demonstrations and traditional Japanese instruments plus much more with the hope that we can one, cater to the Japanese community, two, merge a typical anime convention with a proper Japanese culture festival and three, create an environment where the average person, no matter the age, can enjoy a day fully immersed in a culture which otherwise would be near impossible to engage with.

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£7.05 through August 21, 2022
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