Otaku Link 2022 Information

Otaku Link 2022

Otaku Link 2022
November 27, 2022
The Old Bell Hotel
Derby, UK

Anime Convention

Organized by Otaku World

Otaku Link is an anime event centred around bringing the Otaku community together. We want to create a fun and safe heaven for anime fans.

Otaku Link is about bringing anime fans together in a safe and fun environment so that people can be themselves and make friends with similar likeminded people who also have an interest in Anime. This is our 4th Otaku Link since starting only 1 year ago! We have built a loyal and dedicated community around Otaku Link due to having 3 to 4 Otaku Links a year. We keep attendees engaged in some form of activity throughout the day as to make sure there is always something to do. Though still young, Otaku Link is already brimming with personality and community! Come join in the fun and make new friends whilst doing it!

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£11.15 through November 27, 2022

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