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PariahCon 2011
June 10-11, 2011
Imperial Swan Hotel & Suites
Lakeland, FL

Anime Convention

With the rise of the internet and the advancements made in mass communication, we've all found that our obscure hobbies are not as obscure as we thought. People who enjoy anime always thought that they were part of a small percentage that held appreciation for that subject, and to some extent they were. But the internet made the entire world a single, solidified society and a percentage of THAT society is a pretty impressive number. As the scale goes up, so does the number represented by the percentage. PariahCon is not and will not be a strict convention in the sense of "We do anime and games." or "We do games and collectibles." Instead, it is our hope that this convention will serve as a reminder to everyone who attends that you are free to enjoy and revel in whatever it is that you like because you are not alone. And as things become mainstream and "sell out", it is our hope that this convention will serve as a reminder to everyone that everything starts small, with a few people being unafraid to express where their interests lie.

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