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Alex Kolesar and Joe Kovell are the minds behind the long running samurai-based action-adventure webcomic: No Need for Bushido.

In addition to drawing and co-writing the comic, Alex is a freelance illustrator, internet builder, and video game devourer. Alex's love/hate relationship with Star Wars continues to tear him apart inside, leading to a negatively charged shadow Alex who demands all to bow before him.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   MatsuriCon 2006 - April 20-23 in Columbus, OH
   MatsuriCon 2007 - September 7-9 in Dublin, OH
   MatsuriCon 2008 - August 22-24 in Worthington, OH
   MatsuriCon 2009 - August 28-30 in Worthington, OH
   MatsuriCon 2010 - August 13-15 in Columbus, OH
   MatsuriCon 2011 - August 19-21 in Columbus, OH
   MatsuriCon 2012 - August 24-26 in Columbus, OH
   MatsuriCon 2013 - August 23-25 in Columbus, OH
   Matsuricon 2015 - August 14-16 in Columbus, OH

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