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Greg Espinoza

Bodo Genki Studios
Alameda, CA USA

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Greg Espinoza is an American artist, working freelance primarily in comics, animation, gaming, and film.

Espinoza has worked in the U.S. comics industry for such companies as Blackthorne, TSR, Malibu, Eclipse, Antarctic Press, and Tundra/ Kitchen Sink Press.

His artistic influences range from Jim Steranko, Masamune Shirow, Kevin Nowlan, Kenichi Sonoda, Alex Toth, Bruce Timm, and Darwyn Cooke.

Influenced at an early age by the U.S. versions of anime classics such as Speed Racer and Star Blazers, (Space Cruiser Yamato) Greg was one of the earliest U.S. artists to work in the anime/manga style in the late 80s. He did covers in this style for Shiruken, Lensman: War Of The Galaxies, and Zetraman. Was the co-artist with Ken Hooper on the 1989 Eclipse Comics parody book, Adolescent Black Belt Hamsters Massacre The Japanese Invasion. He did a manga-style version of Larry Welz’ Cherry Poptart in the Tundra/ KSP book, Cherrie’s Jubilee, drawing two stories for the book (most notably writing and drawing a risque Speed Racer parody).

He also worked in the gaming field, doing numerous covers and illustrations for the legendary Arduin Grimoire role-playing game books and modules.

In 1994, Greg co-published the Sambu Gassho Special, with Shepherd Hendrix & Edward Leuna. The book was an black & white anthology with each artist writing and drawing a segment with a character they each created. Printed in Japan, this was a Doujinshi for the 1994 Summer Comiket, (or Comic Market) which was attended by Hendrix and Leuna. The book was later put into distribution in the U.S. comic market where it quickly sold out its 3,000 copy print run.

Espinoza recently contributed to Jimmie Robinson’s Bomb Queen II: Queen Of Hearts series for Image Comics. He also self-published in 2006, a Curious George parody called The Drunky Wunky Monkey.

From 1998-2000, Greg worked for Berkeley, CA-based Midland Productions as a production illustrator and art department manager on Midland’s attempt at a CGI animated film, Robots of Mars. He recently received a production illustrator credit for the 2005 CGI animated ride film, Robots Of Mars 3-D Adventure. In 2005, he did storyboards and acted in the indie film, Usher, directed by Roger Brown. Espinoza recently produced some promotional art for the 2006 indie horror film, Blood Gulch, which starred Debbie Rochon.

Born in Auburn, CA, in 1960, Greg Espinoza currently resides in Alameda, CA with his lovely wife and two cats.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Anime America 1993 - June 25-27 in Santa Clara, CA
   Anime America 1994 - July 29-31 in San Jose, CA
   FanimeCon 1996 - February 14 in Los Altos Hills, CA
   Sac-Con 2011 - March 6 in Sacramento, CA
   Big Wow! ComicFest 2011 - May 21-22 in San Jose, CA
   East Bay Comic-Con 2015 - February 15 in Concord, CA
   Sac-Con 2015 - October 25 in McClellan Park, CA
   Sac Comic-Con 2016 - March 12-13 in McClellan Park, CA

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