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Bettina M. Kurkoski

Artist / Author
Dreamworld Studio
Plymouth, MA USA

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The creator/writer/artist of My Cat Loki, was born March 26, 1973 in Montague, Massachusetts. Now residing in Plymouth, Mass, where she works as a freelance illustrator through her business, Dreamworld Studio. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth in 1996 with a BFA in Illustration, she entered TOKYOPOP's Rising Stars of Manga vol. 2 competition in 2003, placing as a runner-up, her work Axis Lumen published in the winners' compilation. My Cat Loki, volumes 1 &2 available from TOKYOPOP, was Bettina's first professionally published series. She has also contributed the Star Trek 40th Anniversary Convention exclusive cover for Star Trek: TOS manga vol. 1, cover and story art for Star Trek: TOS manga vol. 2, story art for Star Trek: The Next Generation vol. 1, story and art for the Princess Ai/My Cat Loki crossover story in Princess Ai: Encounters, cover and story art for Warriors: Rise of Scourge one-shot and Seekers manga series based on the best selling Seekers novel series, all available from TOKYOPOP and Harper Collins. You can see more of her artwork at



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Nekocon 2006 - November 3-5 in Hampton, VA
   Anime Boston 2007 - April 20-22 in Boston, MA
   PortConMaine 2007 - June 22-24 in South Portland, ME
   Nekocon 2007 - November 2-4 in Hampton, VA
   ConnectiCon 2008 - August 1-3 in Hartford, CT
   Anime Evolution 2008 - August 22-24 in Vancouver, BC cancelled appearance
   Nekocon 2008 - November 7-9 in Hampton, VA
   PortConMaine 2009 - June 18-21 in South Portland, ME
   New England Fan Experience 2009 - November 13-15 in Boston, MA
   Spring Anime Kaiju Experience 2010 - May 22 in Boston, MA
   ConnectiCon 2010 - July 9-11 in Hartford, CT
   Nekocon 2010 - November 5-7 in Hampton, VA
   Nauticon 2012 - May 18-20 in Provincetown, MA
   Northeast Comic Con 2014 - December 6-7 in Wilmington, MA
   Ohayocon 2015 - January 30 - February 1 in Columbus, OH
   Northeast Comic Con 2015 - December 5-6 in Wilmington, MA
   Northeast Comic Con and Collectibles Extravaganza 2016 - June 18-19 in Wilmington, MA
   Northeast Comic Con and Collectibles Extravaganza 2016 - December 3-4 in Wilmington, MA
17 guest appearances

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