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The Cosplay Crack Crew came together as a cosplay group in June 2005. While we started as a cosplay group, we have grown beyond that status. We are a group of close friends who just happen to cosplay together. We know each other outside of the convention life and for that reason we do not have a membership system. Becoming part of the Crew is not about cosplayer status, nor widening one's reputation. Our "member" numbers increase when we adopt someone else into the group. Not as a cosplayer, but above all - a friend. Events like Kosaikon '05, the Northeast Cosplay Picnic '05, AnimeNEXT and random photoshoots/gatherings are what have brought us together and solidified the decision that we should go official in our cracky antics.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Tora-Con 2007 - April 28 in Rochester, NY

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