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C.J. Collins

Cosplayer / Director
Concept Galaxy / lolfilmworks
Orlando, FL USA

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C.J. Collins (aka Kefka/Carly Chan) has gained a name for himself in the cosplay community and on the con circuit for his remarkable acting skills (most noteriably his portrayal of Kefka Polazzo from Final Fantasy VI) and his "laugh out loud" funny film work (as Concept Galaxy's film director and the creator/owner of lolfilmworks).

C.J. also holds a lot of respect in the cosplay community for creating "Bonzai Anime", a community of cosplayers who's motto is "Cosplay is for fun!" as a way to encourage cosplayers to see cosplay as not about winning or being on top, but about having fun with friends and family while entertaining those around you.

As the founder of "Bonzai Anime" C.J. has had his fair share of experience running amusing panels along with coordinating, hosting, and judging numerous cosplay contests. This makes C.J. a well rounded guest for any anime/gaming conventions needs, and a valuable asset to the Concept Galaxy creative team.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   PersaCon 2008 - June 27-29 in Huntsville, AL
   Realms Con 2008 - September 5-7 in Corpus Christi, TX
   Anime X Gamer Experience 2008 - October 17-19 in St. Augustine, FL
   Anime South 2009 - January 2-4 in Destin, FL
   Broward Anime Festival 2009 - February 6-8 in Fort Lauderdale, FL
   Realms Con 2009 - October 2-4 in Corpus Christi, TX
   EXP Convention 2009 - October 9-11 in St. Augustine, FL
   Zenkaikon 2009 - November 7-8 in King of Prussia, PA
   Realms Con 2010 - October 1-3 in Corpus Christi, TX
   ShadoCon 2010 - November 5-7 in Tampa, FL
   PersaCon 2011 - July 15-17 in Huntsville, AL
   Realms Con 2011 - October 7-9 in Corpus Christi, TX
   N.A.P.P.A. Con 2012 - July 20-22 in Decatur, AL cancelled appearance
   Realms Con 2012 - October 12-14 in Corpus Christi, TX
13 guest appearances

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