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Stephanie Young is thrilled to be working with Funimation as a voice actress and singer. Her voice acting credits include the lead role in the highly anticipated release of Claymore portraying "Clare", "Nico Robin" in One Piece (new dub with Funimation), "Junko" in Desert Punk, "Elfriede" in Moonphase, "Miranda Maverick" in Solty Rei, "Sophia" in Aquarion, "Kagero" in Basilisk, Blassreiter as "Sasha Jobson", "Lecty Leque" in Heroic Age, "Flanca" in Gunslinger Girl, "Oruha" in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, "Nora" in Witchblade, "Echidna Parass" in Black Cat, "Nanako" in Crayon Shin-chan, "B.B." in Glass Fleet, "Jane" in Grappler Baki Maximum Tournament, "Yahagi" in Mushi-shi, "Mana" in Negima, "Female Rogue" in Ragnarok, "Dr. Kozuki" in Rumbling Hearts, "Itoko Osakabe" in School Rumble, "Mireille" in Trinity Blood, "Aki Abe" in Hell Girl, "Reika Tachibana" in Balder Force Exe Resolution, "Xavier Tatum" in Shuffle, "Mrs. Tomita" in Kodocha, Hanahana in XXXholic, and "Shika" in Samurai 7. Her game credits include "Fiona" in Spike Out and "Selket" in Unreal Championship II, The Liandri Conflict. Stephanie can also be heard singing theme songs for Dragon Ball GT, Negima, and Tsubasa. With Illumitoon, Stephanie recorded "Paf Shining" in AM Drive and "Karen" in B'tx.

As an actress, Stephanie has appeared in numerous film, television, voice over, and national commercial/print projects. She is currently working on the exciting webisode series, created in a graphic novel style, Scout Six, where she plays the lead role of detective Scout Six! Stephanie is a two-time nominee for the Dallas Theatre League's Leon Rabin Award for her work in the Dallas Theatre Community. As a singer/songwriter, Stephanie enjoys lending her signature, soulful vocals to the Dallas-based pop/jazz band, The Brehms (



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Anime Matsuri 2008 - March 21-23 in The Woodlands, TX
   Tekkoshocon 2009 - April 3-5 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Anime Matsuri 2009 - April 10-12 in The Woodlands, TX
   Tokyo In Tulsa 2009 - July 10-12 in Tulsa, OK
   MatsuriCon 2009 - August 28-30 in Worthington, OH
   A-Kon 2010 - June 4-6 in Dallas, TX
   Omnicon 2010 - June 18-20 in Weslaco, TX
   MatsuriCon 2010 - August 13-15 in Columbus, OH
   Epikon 2011 - January 8 in San Antonio, TX convention postponed
   Anime Matsuri 2011 - March 18-20 in Houston, TX
   MatsuriCon 2011 - August 19-21 in Columbus, OH
   Anime NebrasKon 2011 - November 4-6 in Omaha, NE
   Daisho Con 2011 - November 18-20 in Wisconsin Dells, WI
   Visioncon 2012 - February 17-19 in Springfield, MO
   Mini A-Kon 2012 - February 18 in Denton, TX
   Anime Matsuri 2012 - April 6-8 in Woodlands, TX
   Florida Supercon 2012 - June 29 - July 2 in Miami, FL
   Tokyo in Tulsa 2012 - July 20-22 in Tulsa, OK
   MatsuriCon 2012 - August 24-26 in Columbus, OH
   Anime NebrasKon 2011 - November 2-4 in Omaha, NE
   Mizuumi-Con 2013 - March 23 in San Antonio, TX
   Anime Matsuri 2013 - March 29-31 in Houston, TX
   Florida Supercon 2013 - July 4-7 in Miami, FL
   MatsuriCon 2013 - August 23-25 in Columbus, OH
   Anime USA 2013 - September 13-15 in Washington, DC
   Another Anime Convention 2013 - October 18-20 in Manchester, NH
   Anime NebrasKon 2013 - November 1-3 in Omaha, NE cancelled appearance
   Anime Matsuri 2014 - March 14-16 in Houston, TX
   Matsuricon 2014 - August 22-24 in Columbus, OH
   Ramencon 2014 - September 19-21 in Merrillville, IN
   Anime NebrasKon 2014 - October 31 - November 2 in Omaha, NE
   Anime Matsuri 2015 - April 3-5 in Houston, TX
   Matsuricon 2015 - August 14-16 in Columbus, OH
   AnimeFest 2015 - September 4-7 in Dallas, TX
   Magic City Comic Con 2016 - January 15-17 in Miami, FL
   AlmaCon 2016 - February 5-7 in Alma, MI
   Anime Matsuri 2016 - February 26-28 in Houston, TX
   Matsuricon 2016 - August 19-21 in Columbus, OH cancelled appearance
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