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Kelly Clark

British Columbia, Canada

Kelly Clark was the founder and chairman of Kei-Kon, Victoria's first Anime convention, for the entirety of its seven year run. Kei-Kon was a damn good time and helped to grow the Anime fanbase on Vancouver Island into what it is today (Peaking with 1,168 attendees Kei-Kon 6 was the largest Anime convention to have taken place on Vancouver Island). In 2009, Kelly stepped down from his position and offered management of the convention to Adam Park and Jill Hughes with the request that they rebrand and reboot the convention into something new and unique to them. Tsukino-Con was the result.
Besides being a fixture of the local Anime and Role-Playing scenes, Kelly is also a graduate of the University of Victoria who has worked as a writer, delivery boy, director, actor, professional goon, comic store guy, and has appeared on LoadingReadyRun and The Gamer's Forum.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Tsukino-Con 2011 - February 25-27 in Victoria, BC
   Tsukino-Con 2012 - February 17-19 in Victoria, BC
   Tsukino-Con 2013 - February 22-24 in Victoria, BC
   Tsukino-Con 2015 - February 13-15 in Victoria, BC

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    Kelly Clark

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