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Tab Kimpton

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Tab Kimpton is a full time Costume maker and Comic writer, responsible for Khaos Komix and Khaos Kostumes. He began making costumes in October 2007 for a small recon in his local town. Since then he has made dozens of costumes, for himself, friends and commissioners. He does a lot of skit and performance work in his costumes, and loves making complex costumes. His real love lies in entertaining people and making them laugh.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Alcon 2011 - September 8-11 in Leicester, UK
   Akumakon 2012 - January 20-22 in Galway, Ireland
   London Anime Con 2012 - February 11-12 in London, UK
   SunnyCon 2012 - March 24-25 in Sunderland, UK
   Banzaicon 2012 - April 13-15 in Larvik, Norway
   Alcon 2012 - September 6-9 in Leicester, UK
   Banzaicon 2013 - April 5-7 in Larvik, Norway
   J-Con 2013 - September 20-21 in Derby, UK
   J-Con 2014 - September 19-20 in Derby, UK
   J-Con 2015 - September 25-26 in Derby, UK
   Nine Worlds Geekfest 2017 - August 4-6 in London, UK
11 guest appearances

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