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Barry C. Fernandes

Singer / Songwriter
Belle Vex
Boston, MA USA

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Belle Vex is a one man act fronted by a musician, Barry C. Fernandes, who got tired of bland pop music and wanted to inject himself into the genre without selling himself out. Barry, a lifetime musician who studied at The New England Institute of Art, having spent the majority of his life crafting music for others, finally began to put his own music out there in the world and allow others to see his vision. Belle Vex is truly a 'jack of all trades' as he writes, produces, and performs all aspects of his music. In a musical world where pop acts are hardly musicians and often conform to what they're told to make, Belle Vex is an artist who makes music to express his own beliefs and no one else's. And he does so while still creating that addictive sound that you can dance to.

His music is influenced by his love for art and all those musical artists that are passionate about their craft. He infuses his love for Japanese animation, artwork, style and manga into his music. A film student, he seeks out films that stir up emotions within oneself. Creative artists such as My Chemical Romance & Lady Gaga who truly are living works of art who express themselves all while retaining a high commercial appeal.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   PortConMaine 2011 - June 23-26 in South Portland, ME
   SITACon 2012 - March 23-25 in Utica, NY

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    Barry C. Fernandes

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