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Amaya De'Morte first began making her own costumes in 2004 when her mother told her that she'd no longer tackle the insane projects Amaya came up with. After that, there was no looking back and costumes were created in everything from moving cars to late night parties at the conventions themselves. Through the years she has done everything from Sci-fi to Fantasy and Comics to Steampunk and all the inbetweens possible. A recent graduate of the University of North Texas with a BFA in Fashion design, her love of costumes has only doubled since then and sparked the creation of a custom wear and alternative fashion design house- Melancholic.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   LouisiANIME 2011 - April 22-24 in Baton Rouge, LA
   Kamikazecon 2011 - July 22-24 in Houston, TX
   Realms Con 2011 - October 7-9 in Corpus Christi, TX
   LouisiANIME 2012 - May 18-20 in Lafayette, LA
   Ultima Con 2012 - May 25-27 in New Orleans, LA convention cancelled

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    Amaya De'Morte

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