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Born March 30th, 1972 in Tokyo, Japan. Dan graduated with B.A. in Area Studies (East Asia) at the University of Minnesota. Taking advantage of his bicultural background, Dan has been doing professional translations since 1988 (his first notable translation project was the English translation of Tony Takezaki's AD Police 25:00.) Since then, he has worked with both US and Japanese companies and individual creators on various anime and manga projects, not only as a translator, but as a creative and cultural consultant.

Some of Dan's major projects include Gasaraki, Love Hina, Nadesico, Space Battleship Yamato 2199, and the new Evangelion theatrical remakes in the field of anime. Dan has supplied translations for Excel Saga, Black Lagoon, Initial D and many other titles. He has a firm background in doujinshi and has written numerous articles regarding censorship issues facing anime, manga, and video games in Japan today.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   A-Kon 2002 - May 31 - June 2 in Dallas, TX
   A-Kon 2003 - May 30 - June 1 in Dallas, TX
   A-Kon 2004 - June 4-6 in Dallas, TX cancelled appearance
   Anime North 2016 - May 27-29 in Toronto, ON
   Naka-Kon 2018 - March 16-18 in Overland Park, KS

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