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Edwin Antonio Figueroa III

Extra Voice Actor
Florida, USA

Edwin Antionio Figueroa III was born August 17th, 1991 in Manhattan, New York. He moved to Florida at the age of twelve and decided to form a future in voice acting just two years later. Starting with fan-made dubs for works such as "Mega Man Zero: The Lat Cataclysm" (Fefnir), he worked his way up in the field. He first debuted when he participated in "Mega Man Star Force" and "Witchblade" as an extra voice, his first official voice being a voice-over in the hentai OVA of Aki Sora. Afterwards, he made his way to Star Driver where he was working alongside other voice actors such as Johny Yong Bosch, Stephanie Sheh, Troy Baker, and his idol David Matranga. Other works he had been involved in were extra voices for Final Fantasy XIII-2, and two upcoming roles he had auditions for recently: Brief from Panty & Stocking, and Alma Tandouji from Sacred Seven.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   The Anime Planet 2012 - March 16 in Heathrow, FL

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    Edwin Antonio Figueroa III

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