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Arata Hanyuda is the drummer and percussionist of the Black Mages. Hanyuda worked for Square Enix as a publicity producer for Front Mission 3 before being asked to join the Black Mages. He worked on many of the arrangements included in their third studio album The Black Mages III: Darkness and Starlight, preponderantly in "Assault of the Silver Dragons".

His drumming skills are noticeably outstanding in the records, faithfully respecting the percussion for each song and adding impact to keep up with the rock melody. Highlights to his drumming in "Battle With the Four Fiends", "KURAYAMINOKUMO", "Grand Cross" and "The Extreme".



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Hawaii Entertainment Expo 2012 - October 20-21 in Honolulu, HI

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    Arata Hanyuda

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