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Tak Sakaguchi

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For over a decade, TAK SAKAGUCHI has been one of the most recognizable superstars within the realms of Japanese action, science fiction, fantasy and horror visual media. He is a multi-talented martial artist, actor, fight choreographer, scriptwriter, and director and before motion pictures and television studios came calling, he made his living as a street fighter. On the streets he was discovered by director RYUHEI KITAMURA who cast him in one his most famous roles, that of Prisoner KSC2-303 in the supernatural action flick 'VERSUS' (2000). Since then he's worked extensively both with Kitamura and director, YUDAI YAMAGUCHI in films including: 'BATTLEFIELD BASEBALLl' (2003), 'ARAGAMI' (2003), 'AZUMI' (2003) and 'CROMARTIE HIGH - THE MOVIE' (2005). He was action choreographer for the movies, 'TOKYO GORE POLICE' (2008), and 'GODZILLA FINAL WARS' (2004), and stepped into the director's chair in the films: 'BE A MAN! SAMURAI SCHOOL' (2008), 'YOROI, THE SAMURAI ZOMBIE (2008), 'MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD' (2010) and 'YAKUZA WEAPON' (2011). Other notable roles include 'DEATH TRANCE' (2005) and the villain, Reiji Nogi from the tv series 'KAMEN RIDER KABUTO' (2006).



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   A-Kon 2012 - June 1-3 in Dallas, TX

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