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Sean Patrick Fannon

Game Designer
Huntsville, AL USA

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Sean Patrick Fannon is a famous game designer, born in Tennessee, raised in Georgia, and now lives in the Huntsville, Alabama. As his nickname implies, 'The Big Irish Gamer,' he is a big guy, a big gamer, and an even bigger in the RPG industry with working for FASA Games, DriveThruRPG, and RealityBlur. With 20+ years of publications, he has written for Magazines (Dragon Magazine, Shadis Magazine, Adventurer's Club Magazine, and more), Game systems (Shatterzone RPG and Star Wars RPG from West End Games, Source books for Champion RPG from Hero Games, Shards of the Stone:Core from Fuzion, and Shaintar: Immortal Legends setting for Savage Worlds system from Pinnacle Entertainment Group), and written an intro book to fantasy gaming called The Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer's Bible. For his most recent projects, he has been working on two beta projects, Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games and Shaintar: Legends Arise at Reality Blur.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   MomoCon 2013 - March 8-10 in Atlanta, GA
   Con on the Cob 2015 - October 15-18 in Richfield, OH
   Con on the Cob 2016 - November 10-13 in Richfield, OH
   CoastCon 2017 - March 3-5 in Biloxi, MS
   ChupacabraCon 2017 - May 12-14 in Round Rock, TX
   Magic City Con 2017 - June 30 - July 2 in Hoover, AL
   Con on the Cob 2017 - November 9-12 in Richfield, OH

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