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Mel Gorsha

Voice Actress
Suffolk, VA USA

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Mel Gorsha is a voice actress, the founder and head writer of Novella Gaming ("But I love you.", "Rite of Passing"), artist, and cosplayer hailing from Suffolk, VA. Her body of work in voice over includes mostly video games, including Brilliant Shadows, HunieCam Studio, Lucid9, But I love you., The Samaritan Paradox, Midnight at the Celestial Palace, Order of Ataxia: Initial Effects, and many more. She's also done work for animation, radio, and podcasts. Mel is also especially fond of sweets, pasta, science fiction, superheroes, and cute dresses.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Norfolk Anime Explosion 2016 - May 27-29 in Norfolk, VA

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    Mel Gorsha

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