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Chuck Carter

Creative Director / Founder
Eagre Games
Orono, ME USA

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Once upon a time Carter helped create Myst and worked on 26 other video games including the Command and Conquer and Red Alert franchises, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Nox, Pacman World Rally, Kyrandia and many others - Carter worked on TV shows like Babylon5 (as a digital Matte Painter) as well as having contributed work on Star Trek the Experience and Disney's Mission to Mars motion rides. His illustration and animation work has been seen on the BBC, National Geographic, US Dept. of Defense, Homeland Security, Scientific American, NASA, Caltech and JPL as well dozens of additional publications and organizations.

Currently Carter is the founder of Eagre Games and working frantically on their first first person adventure game, ZED.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   PortConMaine 2016 - June 23-26 in South Portland, ME

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    Chuck Carter

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