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Lance Heiskell

Lance Heiskell

Manager of Guests and Programming
LeftField Media
Fort Worth / Dallas, TX

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Director of Corporate Strategy at FUNimation Entertainment. Yes. Strategery is a real job title. Lance has been working at FUNimaiton for the past 10 years - back when people were scratching their heads because FUNimation decided to release Fruits Basket back in 2002. Anime pays his mortgage. How's them apples? He has a fun job and keeps him smart. Marketing for a fandom is all about audience respect, customer engagement and just being personable when showcasing the things you love in professional and social environments.

Personal Stats:

  • Reads on average 25 comic book titles a month. 50% Marvel, 30% DC, 20% Creator Owned.
  • Average 2-3 albums purchased a month. Bands like Metric, Black Keys & Florence + the Machine
  • Buy the box sets of shows and movies I want to collect like Community, Firefly and Princess Bride.

He markets the way he would want to be marketed to. It's been working well for years.

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