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Douglas Niles

Madison, WI


Douglas Niles discovered Dungeons & Dragons in 1979, when he was a high school teacher in Clinton WI and happened to have Heidi Gygax (Gary's daughter) in his class. She gave him a copy of the D&D Basic Set on a Wednesday and he began DMing his first campaign the very next weekend. In 1982 he joined the TSR game design staff in Lake Geneva, and began a long and prolific career designing roleplaying products and boardgames, and writing novels.

Niles has designed dozens of RPG adventures for all levels of D&D and AD&D players, as well as several game systems, and multiple strategic boardgames on military topics. He is perhaps best known as a writer of adventure fantasy, and has written more than 40 novels in the genre, including the first Forgotten Realms novel and eighteen books in the Dragonlance line. He is currently working on a major alternate history novel set during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

A lifelong cheesehead and Green Bay Packers fan, Niles currently lives in Madison WI with his wife of 45 years, Christine.

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  • A-Kon 2008 - May 30 - June 1, 2008 in Dallas, TX

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