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Benjamin Pearce

Benjamin Pearce

Concept Galaxy / lolfilmworks
Jacksonville, FL

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Ben Pearce (aka "Ifrit") has become a hot item in the cosplay community ever since he first blazed on the scene as the firey summon Ifrit in one of lolfilmworks most popular videos filmed at Metrocon in 2006. However, Ben's contributions to lolfilmworks and Concept Galaxy extend beyond his ability to build elaborate mascot character costumes and his masterful stilt walking knowledge.

When putting on more elaborate shows for conventions Ben serves as assistant film director to C.J. Collins as well as assistant stage manager to Show Director, Stephanie Chateau.

Ben's firey passion for entertaining audiences has burned inside of him for quite some time, having performed in both "The Museum" and (ironically) William Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale" for the Florida State College of Jacksonville. FSCJ is also where Ben recieved his two year degree in theater. An education that he puts to use when helping provide smoking creative input for the C.G. team during pre-production, on stage, and behind the scenes.

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