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Whilst Geisha and Maiko are a famous image of Japan, perhaps less famous is the kimono-san a woman who has studied the arts of the Geiko, but is self-funded. kimono-san are identical to Geiko in manners, appearance and beauty, they are just as enigmatic and captivating, And there are three in St.Louis!

But why hire a kimono-san to entertain at your event? Well, on the most basic level, a kimono-san acts as a hostess. She greets your guests, introduces them to each other as necessary and engages in conversation. But aside from serving drinks and making introductions, the kimono-san is a work of art. Her flawless, exotic beauty, her colourful, exquisite kimono and handmade accessories make her visually stunning. Every word, every movement, every step is the product of her devotion to the arts.

A kimono-san's duty is to keep all guests entertained and happy. Through conversation, dances, games and excellent hostess skills, Our kimono-san's presence is guaranteed to make your event like no other.

The basic duties of a kimono-san are to greet and welcome guests, serve drinks, engage in conversation and to keep everyone happy and entertained. But how to entertain the guests? Well, there are many amusing games to be played, beautiful and elegant dances to be performed. Our kimono-san's repertoire of subjects ranges from politics to art, through pop music and drinking games. No matter what the occasion, or whom the guests may be, a kimono-san will make your guests comfortable and relaxed.

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