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Mesh together four musicians from two powerhouse Japanese bands, and you get ZAMZA (pka Zamza N'Banshee). Formed in 2007, ZAMZA combines the voice and guitar sounds from former members of a band called "ECHOES" with the bass and drum lines from former band members of "JUDY AND MARY" - to produce its distinctive, loud rock sound. This fall, ZAMZA will be making its U.S. debut with a hot rockin' album, entitled, "MANGA ROCK". "Manga" is a word for Japanese comics and is gaining global popularity as part of Japanese pop culture.

MANGA has already hit the Japanese record stores and is quickly gaining worldwide recognition. This U.S. release features a couple of brand new songs and seven remixed originals from the Japanese version. It has been released through Mar Rock Records under its parent label, Mar Creation Records. ZAMZA has embarked on a worldwide tour playing in countries such as France, Germany, Japan, Korea and the U.S.

ZAMZA's style of hard driving rock with hooky guitars puts them right at home in the Alternative Rock genre. Since ZAMZA is a song-orientated band with plenty of melody hooks, all of their songs are catchy, easy to sing along to, and easy to remember.

The experience of ZAMZA's band members may prove them to be an ideal lineup for a dream band. Bass player, "Banshee Aliouxce" (Yoshihito Onda) and drummer "KOHTA" (Kohta Igarashi) originally hail from the monster band called "JUDY AND MARY", which enjoyed worldwide success and acclaim, generating over $1 billion in sales. Guitarist "HIROKI" (Hiroki Ito) and vocalist "ZINC" (Jinsei Tsuji) are from a band called "ECHOES", which also enjoyed much success after their track "Zoo". ZINC is also a well-respected movie director and an Award-Winning novelist - receiving the Akutagawa Prize and the Subaru Prize for Literature, among others. Additionally, he is the first Japanese writer to win the prestigious French Prix Femina Award. The four men teamed up in 2007 and have been working at full- throttle ever since to rock the world! Stay tuned for more details and updates on ZAMZA.

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