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StarSlay3r grew up in Michigan and has been gaming since she was a child. In 1998 she began entering local tournaments for fun in her free time. In 2006 StarSlay3r moved to Texas for work and months later was invited to compete in the Midnight Gaming Championship which would end up launching her professional gaming career. She placed top 16 in the state for Guitar Hero 1 and then gained attention from MTV for being a top 10 Guitar Hero 2 player at the CPL tournament held in Dallas, TX. StarSlay3r later moved out to California where her skills only increased as she began winning multiple Guitar Hero tournament in the state. In March of 2008 StarSlay3r ranked 3rd in the nation in a tournament called Rocktacular which was featured on Gamespots Tournament TV. As new rhythm games came out, her rankings raised to new levels and she quickly earned respect from players worldwide, not as "the worlds best female guitar hero player", but as one of the top Guitar Hero and Rock Band players in the world among both men and women.

During StarSlay3r's competitive career she has racked up dozens of top 5 finishes for various games across multiple genres. StarSlay3r has proven to be a top gamer not just in the U.S. but worldwide placing as high as 5th Worldwide for Guitar Hero: World Tour on in 2008. In 2009 StarSlay3r went to Guadalajara, Mexico to compete on Team USA for Guitar Hero: World Tour, being the first female to do so, claiming 7th place in the Pan American region of the world (out of 13 countries) for Guitar Hero: World Tour in the WCG Pan American Championships and 1st place for Rock Band 2.

Over the years StarSlay3r has been a member of the PMS Clan (Pandora's Mighty Soldiers), was one of the original Frag Doll Cadettes, competed along side the nation's top gamers as a Valkyrie with Empire Arcadia, and was the first and only female Mortal Kombat 9 competitor sponsored by Team Vital Resolution. StarSlay3r is not currently signed with any team and is competing as a free player.

In the past 6 years of her professional gaming career StarSlay3r has been a recognized player in the gaming community thanks to appearances on news stations such as FOX and MSNBC, on TV shows such as WCG Ultimate Gamer and Sony's The Tester, films such as FRAG, and KILLER GAME, radio stations such as LEVEL UP and LO3, magazines such asCHIEF magazine, Stuff Magazine and GAMEROOM Magazine, on popular gaming websites like Kotaku, Joystiq and, as a host on, for being in a viral marketing campaign for the movie Repo Men and most recently as a competitor on the SyFy reality TV series Robot Combat League. Being influenced by other Pro Gamers such as Todd Rogers and Fatal1ty, she is determined to continue to work on her skills to become a better competitor and to help others in their quest to become a pro gamer as well.

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