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Disc Jockey
Tokyo, Japan


SiSeN is an extremely unique and stylish DJ hailing from Tokyo. He is highly popular in the Japanese club scene, while rapidly gaining popularity in other parts of the world. SiSeN has already participated in various European events, namely Tokyo Decadence, Japan Expo, and Tokyo Dance Night, as well as conducting his first-ever U.S. tour in February 2008 alongside BLOOD.

Following the success of the first tour, SiSeN returned once more, performing at the convention Anime USA as his first headlining American set. February 2009 saw more of SiSeN in the U.S. as part of BLOOD's final tour and in 2010 with GPKISM and his other project, Seileen, with renowned vocalist, Selia.

He also is a professional model and showcases for Japanese clothing designer Takuya Angel. His unique fashion sense and blazing DJ style has made him an world renowned icon of the Japanese cyber goth and club scenes.

Anime Convention Guest Appearances

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