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James Kehring

James Kehring

Villa Park, IL

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Jim started cosplaying in 2003, mislead to believe it was a simple Halloween contest. He went under false impression but found the end result to be something far more enjoyable. Jim had stumbled into his first anime convention. Since that year Jim has been traveling the country with his friend Zach performing in skits and eventually Emceeing a series of conventions. All the while Jim has been increasing his prop mastery skills. He's performed several workshops and shown people some helpful tips on Fiber glassing and wood working.

Jim has no plans of slowing down and continues to create new skits and increase his Cosplay wardrobe. Some of his favorite costumes include The Joker, Kefka from FF6, Vergil, Mugetsu, Zlad from Mysteriously Vanishing Star, and Kisame. As you can tell Jim greatly enjoys cosplaying the evil characters. Jim has always had the pleasure of having great friends to help him along the way. Such as Limebarb and StripperVash as well Jia Jem.

Anime Convention Guest Appearances

  • Ultima Con 2012 - May 25-27, 2012 in New Orleans, LA Convention Cancelled

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