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I am a Cosplay Photographer (Cameko) based in Texas. I have been attending cons ever since A-kon 4 (About 16 years) but only in the last few years have I picked up a camera. Slowly I have been building my skill and upgrading my camera gear to the point that it is now and have been shooting cosplay on a semi-professional level since June of 2007.

When I am not at cons I work Monday through Friday as a Purchasing Coordinator for a major home builder. Besides being a fanatical Otaku of all things Anime I am also into art, music creation, computer games and table-top roleplaying games. My favorite MMO is World of Warcrack and my favorite Table Top to Gamemaster is Dungeons and Dragons and Shadowrun. Yes, I am a nerd but you should always respect the Nerd Kingdom because most likely you will one day be working for one.

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