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Aegis Academy of Swordsmanship

Martial Arts Academy
Whitmore Lake, MI

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Aegis essentially started as an IT service and training organization; in short, Geeks with swords. From this beginning Aegis evolved from the vision of founder and pen-y-cat Sal Sanfratello, a native New Yorker who grew up in a swordfighting tradition that has been handed down in his family in Sicily for more than a thousand years. In addition to his skills as a swordsman, Sal's training at the Xavier Academy, an elite military high school in NYC, has made him an expert in the hand-to-hand combat and wilderness survival techniques taught by the US Army.

Aegis is a martial arts academy, but Aegis Academy isn't "just" a martial arts academy because Sal Sanfratello isn't "just" a martial artist. In addition to martial arts lessons, classes feature subject-matter-experts in everything from international relations and history to tactical leadership and management.

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