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Milwaukee, WI
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ANDAstar is a electronic musician from Wisconsin who composes 8 bit music on the Nintendo Gameboy. She started writing chiptune in 2009 with FL Studio. Later that year, made her debut album PANDAHAT. After her laptop crashing and losing all information in FL, she purchased Little Sound DJ for her Nintendo Gameboy. Early 2010, AstroPanda was released only composed with LSDJ. A lot of criticism was given due to repetitiveness and mixing issues, but not getting her down. She continues to improve every song that is released. In mid 2011, the album spaceDRIFT was released for free download from Bandcamp. The album contains a few songs from the previous albums, but they are all re-done to her current abilities as well as new songs. The album accumulated a donation of $180 and still counting. This album was her most proud work, and she continues to learn and toy with new instruments. She is now performing lives in Milwaukee/Kenosha areas, and hoping to broaden her horizons and play around the world.

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