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Flula Borg

Disc Jockey
Los Angeles, CA

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Northern Bavaria: The home of famous beer, flaming brats, and Flula Borg. With more uses than a Ziploc bag, Flula is custom-built to entertain. From the Viper Room to your living room, from the North Sea to the O.C., Flula brings the heat, the pain, and the goods (don't worry, his fanny pack accommodates all three).

A new resident of Los Angeles, this German is eager to explore American culture--while dropping us some of his. The subjects of his music are as universal as clouds, cows, and Dirk Nowitzki, and his passion for them is unparalleled. As he explains:

"My music is like a hamster who has been fed some magic juice. The hamster is looking strange in the eyes, yes, which is probable from the juice; and the people are saying, 'Dance, hamster! Dance from your hamster legs!'

And now, a secret:

I am the hamster."

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