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Igaguri Chiba is the vocalist of the musical group Sendai Kamotsu. The story goes that six workers from a mysterious freight company from the Miyagi Prefecture, perform together for a hobby. However, they always wear red overalls and heavy makeup to hide their identity from other coworkers at the freight company. Chiba works in the delivery department of this company and is the younger brother of Nightmare's vocalist, Yomi.

Sendai Kamotsu announced their hiatus in November of 2009 due to the freight company becoming bankrupt in the economic recession. The bankruptcy story is told in their "Fukyou no Kaze" music video. Since then, Chiba has launched a solo career in efforts to build up the capital to revitalize the freight company.

In October of 2010, Chiba released his first solo single, "Gira Gira Boys". Japanese for "Glitter Boys", it exemplifies Chiba's flamboyant performing style. He then embarked on a short tour titled ""Gorgeous" 3 Point Special~On the Road Until Sendai Kamotsu's Revival~vol.1". Chiba is currently preparing for his third tour, set to begin on June 29th, 2012.

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