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CFMM (pronounced "C-F-Double M", and otherwise known as Andre Bardin) is an American stand-up comedian and writer who specializes in Internet, pop culture, and kitsch humor. He began writing and performing comedy as a hobby in 1995 and has continued to do so while taking infrequent breaks to occasionally veg out in the midst of seedy Internet subcultures. He is the host of the web series GMO2 and in 2011 authored the book Nintendon't: 25 of the Worst Video Games Ever.

His work is heavily influenced by awkward and negative personal experiences that fuel his largely self-depreciating humor. CFMM frequently draws material from experiences and observations from the Internet's "furry fandom" and connects it to his ambiguous stage presence and personal affiliations. A byproduct of the 1990′s, CFMM is a living embodiment of the dot-com bubble and poster child for the snarky, sarcastic, and observational mentality that permeated 90′s culture. He invites guests to play along with his acts and lets his free-form conversational style guide the direction of his show.

(CFMM is an adult comedian and therefore his show is intended for audiences 18 and older. CFMM is an LGBT-friendly comic and his performance may and likely will contain profanities, adult subjects/situations, references to adult media, or allusions to inappropriate conduct. Personal discretion is suggested.)

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