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Re:VB-P, the developer of the AniMiku animation software, has been a dedicated member of the Vocaloid community for over two years. From the beginning he was intrigued by and loved to watch Vocaloid concerts, and as an engineer became very interested in the technology used to host those types of events. After realizing that these concerts were not very accessible to worldwide fans, he set out to host his own. He started by designing and writing the AniMiku software package, which will allow anyone to easily create and run a live holographic concert. The software works by displaying a model and motion data created in the free program MikuMikuDance on a screen in a form usable with a holographic style projection. After writing the software, he was contacted by Vocalekt Visions whom he partnered with to begin hosting fan-made concerts. When he was invited to MIT to demonstrate his software as a part of the Miku@MIT events, he was able to meet Hiroyuki Itoh (CEO of Crypton Future Media) and masatakaP, discuss the idea of fan-made concerts with them, and gain their support. Eventually he began to design and build his own holographic concert projection system, which led to his first solo concert at Rochester's Tora-Con anime convention; a huge success. After gaining even more worldwide supporters, he continues to plan and host his own Vocaloid concerts with his own technology and software as well as assist Vocalekt Visions with theirs in California.

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