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Eric Hokanson

Prop Maker
Polymer Armory
North Carolina

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Eric from Polymer Armory is based in Western North Carolina, where he has been into cosplay since way back when it was just called "costuming". Eric's love of sci-fi movies along with costumes and armor was started at the age of 4 when he first saw Star Wars on the big screen at a drive-in in South Florida, and solidified while watching old sci-fi and Godzilla movies on Saturday afternoons. As with most passions it started off small and turned into a "psychosis", but there are worse things he could be doing… With an "eye for detail" he has won several costume contests at Atlanta area Cons including Best of Show at AWA several years back, has been making the Republic Commando's for the 501st Legion, along with many other molding/casting, and vacuum forming projects.

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