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Ichigo Crush started in August 2012 when Fina and Wendy met and discovered they had similar musical interests - to play J-Pop and J-Rock with a band at Anime Conventions! After a few rough starts they would soon meet their guitarists - Adrian, Natsuki, and Hae Sung - and thus Ichigo Crush was officially formed! "We are a relatively new band,"they say,"so we're still getting our bearings and finding our 'sound.' We hope you enjoy our playing and will support us as we work towards our goal - to play at as many Anime Conventions as possible!" Ichigo Crush has played at the Aki Matsuri, the LVL UP EXPO, and now proudly here at AD SABAKON! You can follow them on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ichigocrush) or on Twitter @ichigocrush. Thank you for your support, we hope you enjoy our show!"

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