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Japanese designer Naoto Hirooka's gothic and lolita fashion line h. NAOTO has accumulated positive reviews and praise from both Japanese and Western markets. After receiving positive stimulation from collaborations with charismatic visual-kei artists, h.NAOTO starts the "h.ism" project in the mid 2000's based on the theme of fashion and music co-existing in one entity.
In 2007, the success of h.ism leads to collaboration with the young fashion design duo IBI and MINT. Sixh. is born.

Started by IBI, the fashion line Sixh. unites visual-kei artistry with the imagery of popular host and hostess clubs. A new theme, ghost-kei, is created by combining the words "gothic" and "host" into "ghost".

Without a doubt, Sixh.'s cool, carefree ideas are not restricted by ordinary rules of fashion or society.

In 2012, Designer IBI has designed Visual girls band "existtrace" stage outfit. IBI also collaborated on a manga with them.

h. NAOTO's fashion line and band Sixh. is constantly adapting and merging with ever-evolving Japanese counterculture. At heart, Sixh. is the sixth sense beyond the five senses.

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