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DESTROSE is an all female HM/HR band that was formed around Guitarist Mina. Their second single Fenixx -to revive- released March 28th, 2012 won 7 Oricon weekly rankings! With their twin lead guitar sound, & double bass drums they have been said to be "the female version of X Japan". Their sound does not rely on just fashion but full focus on the music. They have been called "No.1 girl band metal degree" from numerous fans of the genre. They combine the beauty and intensity of its music and have been given the street name "The Rose of Destruction" With their latest single "RIN" released 11/13 and one man live performed on November 14th DESTROSE shows that they are here to stay and climb the rock music charts of Japan!


Vocal: Marina
Guitar: Mina
Guitar: Narumi
Bass: Miho
Drums: Haruna

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