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Tom Stidman

Tom Stidman

Anime Fan
Baltimore, MD

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Within the world of anime, Tom Stidman is known for his passion and drive within the local scene and for his need to give back to the culture that has given him so much over a decade. Crossing over from comics fandom, Tom was brought into the world of the otaku via Devil Hunter Yohko in 2003.

Eager to be involved with the culture, the following year he began to volunteer at conventions and clubs within the scene, and in the years since, he has been a guiding force at more than a dozen conventions, from Programming to Events and Registration. Additionally, Tom has been a regular panelist on a variety of subjects and currently podcasts on anime and related topics. Besides, his anime passion, he has interests in the comics, sports and gaming scenes as well. A native and resident of Baltimore, he works within the industry, working to improve it within as well. You can follow him on twitter @redneckotaku and through tumblr at

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