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In 2002, vocalist and lyricist, Kaya, teamed up with composer, Hora, to form Schwarz Stein. Schwarz Stein is a electronic/darkwave duo, produced by Mana of Moi dix Mois (ex-Malice Mizer). In July of the same year, they released their debut single, "Perfect Garden" under Mana's label, Midi:Nette. Soon after, they released their first full-length album, "Vogue Children". They quickly rose to popularity due to their signature gothic aesthetic in their music, appearance, and live performances. Schwarz Stein performed at various events and made numerous successful solo appearances, as well as performing alongside acts such as Moi dix Mois. In 2004, they disbanded to focus on their solo careers.

In 2014, Kaya and Hora reunited and released a new single, "Gebet"

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