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Waru Mono

Cosplayer / Model / Artist
Denver, CO

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Award winning cosplayer and fashion model, musician, artist, designer, actor and voice actor, Boylesque and Drag Performer, and(!) official Bishounen, Warumono has become infamous for his wide range of abilities. Since 2000, he has won upwards of fifty awards for his costumes on humans as well as Asian ball jointed dolls. His experience as a fashion and runway model includes h.NAOTO's SixH, Hot Topic, and many others, and he is listed on IMDb for several voice acting productions. His cosplay judging resume includes Denver Comic Con, Clutch Con, SoDak, Nan Desu Kan, and much, much more. Warumono has too become a noted host of panels covering music, crossplay, wigs, competitions, ABJD and then some at conventions. Warumono has worked with numerous Japanese musicians as well, including his appearance in an X-Japan music video and opening up for The Royal Dead. To keep going on, Warumono has placed in multiple Drag Competitions as well as being a constant show stopper with several Burlesque Troupes. He is the master and purveyor of Filthy Commissions, offering his own line of clothing, costumes, and accessories, the bassist for Denver-based band Discount Cinema, and also member of the fandom fueled theatre group Cabaret Otaku.

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