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Liui Aquino is a retail business man, model, and part-time cable TV and commercial actor in Manila, Philippines. More importantly, perhaps, he is also an amazing cosplayer who has transformed his life-long love for anime and games with his experience as a model. Needless to say, the results are amazing! While he has only been cosplaying for a short time, it's easy to predict that Liui is rising cosplay star as well as an incredibly nice and friendly person. Read more after the cut!

My specialty are anime and CGI characters (Disney & Dreamworks). In my cosplay, I make my own costume from scratch, do my own make up and hair styling. Portray the characters. And do my own photoshoot and editing. I never joined any cosplay competition, because way back then, for me this is just a hobby for fun. Also, when I was starting, I struggled a lot as a male cosplayer. Coz in cosplay community, MOST female cosplayers get all the opportunities and spotlight (sorry). Plus, a lot of dramas (which I will not discuss haha) and issues are coming even though this is just a simple art hobby. HAHA!!! But that didn't break my heart. hehehe. I work hard to learn how to make armored costumes and learn how to do intensive make up and photography.

This became my hobby since 2011, and just last year, I became viral in the internet in the cosplay community because of my "How to train your dragon" photos. I continued making more costumes and good photos with the help of my family (and some friends)... OH Yes, my dad and my niece are the only photographer I have as of now. (I just direct them how to take photos and I do the editing) hehe. And yeah, before this is just a hobby and my way of showing my artistic side, however, everything is becoming so great it became my career. OMG, I even quit my job because of cosplay haha.

Since then, I got lots of international invitation, guestings and other cool opportunities (my schedules became full every week, wow hihi). Most international cosplay events invite me to bring my costumes, meet the fans and... enjoy the free trip and food! Hehe! Though most event companies pay me for my guesting appearance, they also shoulder the round trip flight tickets, hotel accommodation, food and other expense. I also have the chance to sell my merchandise like photobooks, hand made caps and shirts, posters, postcards and even keychains and it was awesome!

Way back when I was starting, my simple goal why I do this is to have epic costumes and photos only, and... to showcase my ARTISTIC side while having fun, and/or maybe, to be known as one of the Philippines finest cosplayers. But, God is so good and kind to me that I reached my dream already. I am so lucky now, I am very known in the Philippines and the whole Southeast Asia. Plus the whole world also recognized me in cosplay community. And now, my goal evolved. I want to travel all parts of the world, represent my country, establish a good name in the cosplay community, meet more amazing people, promote cosplay as fun and great hobby, to become a legend and..... and most of all... to inspire everyone.

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