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Lesley Pedersen

Lesley Pedersen

Austin, TX

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Lesley Pedersen is an actress/voice actress from Austin Texas. She first fell in love with voice over while doing ADR recordings for her character Emily on Power Rangers Zeo. Then, after a chance meeting with producer Steven Foster of ADV Films (now Sentai Filmworks), she jumped at the chance to voice as many Anime characters as she could. Some of her favorite roles include Alphard (Canaan), Kaede (Nyan Koi!), Hibiki (Pani Poni Dash!) Uno (Gilgamesh), Paula (Red Garden), Elana (Devil May Cry) and Lorenza (Le Chevalier D'Eon). Lesley can also be seen on occasion in films, television and commercials. When she is not acting, she enjoys doing anything fun with her musician/video game music composer husband, Einar and her two awesome kids, Hannah and Viggo.

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