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Lola Hart is a veteran cosplayer of over 14 years, with over 75 conventions beneath her belt. She is a driving force behind the Cosplay Burlesque scene in the midwest, and has judged multiple costume contests in her time. She has worked with artists like Rik DesChain of Studio 19, and has become recognized by Gearbox's CEO, Randy Pitchford, as the official Mad Moxxi for #MoxxiMonday. Lola is the type that believes that Facebook likes and Twitter followers don't matter. What matters in Cosplay is if you are having fun, and learning things along the way.

Outside of Cosplay, Lola has been a professional model, photographer, and Event Organizer.

She works to raise money for her chosen charity, The National Eating Disorder Association (or NEDA) in her efforts to help promote body positivity.

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