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'Television's' Lance Falk has been an animation professional since 1986. Can you believe it? Working mostly at Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros. and SD Entertainment, Lance has worn many hats over the years (mostly as a prop and vehicle designer) but his favorite jobs ever was staff writer on The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and Swat Kats. Lance's enthusiasms include Disneyland, Jonny Quest, Star Trek, Star Wars, the new BSG, Stargate, Bond, Babylon 5, Comics, (yes, he's a big geek) and his sweetie, Kimberly. Lance has so many books, magazines and toys, he is forced to sleep in the living room with his Pug, Penelope Pitstop. In the meantime, Lance impatiently awaits legitimate DVD releases of Ninja Scroll and Robot Carnival. His work can be seen at

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