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celsius is a long time cosplayer (since 2003) and has attended over 50 conventions, has over 110 cosplays, conducted over 15 panels, co-authored a book entitled How to Avoid Hara-kiri: A Guide to Surviving Anime Conventions, was featured in the first edition of Cosplay in America, and a category winner of ATLUS-o-Weenie contest.

If you can find her at conventions, she's usually cosplaying the main character of an obscure series, a non-main character of a popular series, the main character of a popular series in an outfit that may have seldom appeared, or from a series that might have been popular three or more years prior.

celsius is a big advocate of one simple fact: cosplay is for everyone. It's understood that while it may not appease everyone, remember that you're doing it for you and no one else. Because of this, she runs panel in a sense of giving back to the community; to help those who have struggle with the idea of cosplay or have trouble with knowing where to start.

The subject of her panels can range anywhere from otome games, basic to mid-level topics of cosplay, and cosplay photography - just to name a few. She runs the panels as a Q&A session with elements of an open forum with the attendees in mind: if you want to know, just ask. At SaikouCon alone, she ran previous panels on cosplay and cosplay photography and also hosted the charity auction.

When not working or being involved in the convention and cosplay world, she's normally catching up a disastrous backlog of video games, learning Korean, and writing for Seoulbeats, a Korean entertainment site.

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